Pattern Language and Form Language

By Nikos A. Salingaros

A mini-course online that introduces the work of Christopher Alexander as well as that of the author. It proposes a new way of thinking about architecture that values regionalism, while opposing globalization and uniformity. Prepared in July of 2015.

30-minute video lecture: Pattern Language and Form Language

List of readings online taken from chapters of my books, plus new articles:

  1. The Pattern Technology of Christopher Alexander
  2. The Structure of Pattern Languages, also in GREEK, ITALIAN, PERSIAN, and SPANISH
  3. Pattern Language and Interactive Design, also in FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, and SPANISH
  4. Pattern Language vs. Form Language
  5. The Adaptive Design Method
  6. Why Primitive Form Languages Spread
  7. Form Languages and Their Vocabulary, also in PORTUGUESE and SPANISH
  8. Complexity of Form Languages, With Checklist
  9. Against Ecophobia and Towards a Human Habitat, also in GREEK and ITALIAN
  10. Degree of Complexity Measures a Form Language's Adaptivity


The key reference is Christopher Alexander's book "A Pattern Language" (look also HERE and HERE). A SPANISH translation was published in 1980, but it is now out of print.

For those who are interested: 1 is from Design for a Living Planet: Settlement, Science, and the Human Future, 2 & 3 are from Principles of Urban Structure, 4 & 5 are from the new book-in-progress Architecture's New Scientific Foundations, 6, 7 & 8 are from A Theory of Architecture, and 9–12 are from Unified Architectural Theory: Form, Language, Complexity.