by Nikos A. Salingaros

with contributions by L. Andrew Coward and Bruce J. West. Chapter Introductions by Arthur van Bilsen.


First edition 2005; reprinted 2014: 252 pages.

This book is available in: CHINESE | ENGLISH European Edition, Asian Edition, US Edition (buy on Amazon) | FARSI (There exists an unpublished complete translation by Kamilia Nahchyry. Two books of selected chapters are: Connecting the Fractal City, Arman Shahr, Tehran; and Principles of Urban Structure (not complete), Jahrom Azad University, Fars Province.)

Free chapters below:

This book can serve as a guide and inspiration for planning professionals to re-humanize our cities. Urbanists, students, and government planners need to know why traditional cities are so successful, based on evolved form and complex substructure. The unifying notion of the network city explains urban form and its components as phenomena of a complex system. Using fractal scaling to establish city networks, a city can link into a complex working whole. I introduce concepts such as "fractal loading", and the brain-computer analogy. This book pioneered allometric scaling and power laws in urban morphology, later taken up by several other researchers.


Prologue by Paul Drewe

Author's Introduction

Chapter Introductions by Arthur van Bilsen

Chapter 1. Theory of the Urban Web | CZECH | FINNISH | GREEK | PORTUGUESE | SPANISH (Veredes)

Chapter 2. Urban Space and its Information Field | PORTUGUESE

Chapter 3. A Universal Rule for the Distribution of Sizes (with Bruce J. West)

Chapter 4. Complexity and Urban Coherence | ITALIAN | SPANISH (Veredes)

Chapter 5. Remarks on a City's Composition | FINNISH

Chapter 6. Connecting the Fractal City | CHINESE | SPANISH | SPANISH (Veredes) | TURKISH

Chapter 7. The Information Architecture of Cities (with L. Andrew Coward) | CATALAN | GREEK | ITALIAN | SPANISH

Chapter 8. The Structure of Pattern Languages | FARSI | GREEK | ITALIAN part 1 part 2 | SPANISH

Chapter 9. Pattern Language and Interactive Design | FRENCH | PORTUGUESE | SPANISH

Chapter 10. Design methods, Emergence, and Collective Intelligence | FARSI | ITALIAN | SPANISH

With the late Professor Paul Drewe (L) in Delft, 2004.


Publications in Architecture, Complexity, Patterns, and Urbanism

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