Design for a Living Planet

by Michael W. Mehaffy and Nikos A. Salingaros

Published in 2015: 236 pages.

Paper book: US Edition OfftheCommonBooks/Sustasis Press (buy from Amazon), International Edition Vajra Publications.

EBook: Amazon [Australia -- Brazil -- Canada -- China -- France -- Germany -- Holland -- India -- Italy -- Japan -- Mexico -- Spain -- UK -- USA], Barnes&Noble, FNAC (France), Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo.

Free chapters below:

This book reveals the hidden links among biology, design, human culture, and sustainability. The intersection of biological forms and our own creations affects us as human beings living in an artificial world. Beyond mechanical efficiency, which environments actually keep us healthy or make us sick? We examine fascinating new topics of design, including Agile, Wiki, Design Patterns and other “open-source” approaches from the software world.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Design for a technology of life

PART I: Toward Resilient Architectures



3. How Modernism Got Square | ITALIAN

4. The Geometry of Resilience | ITALIAN

5. Agile Design | ITALIAN

PART II: Science for Designers

6. Scaling and Fractals | CZECH

7. Intelligence and the Information Environment | CZECH

8. The Meaning of Complexity | PORTUGUESE

9. The Transformation of Wholes

10. Complex Adaptive Systems

PART III: Frontiers of Design Science

11. Evidence-Based Design

12. Biophilia

13. Self-organization | VIETNAMESE

14. The Network City

15. Computational Irreducibility | NORWEGIAN

PART IV: The Remarkable Technology of Christopher Alexander

16. Alexander’s Radical Technology

17. Alexander’s Sustainable Technology | ITALIAN | PORTUGUESE

18. Alexander’s Pattern Technology

19. Alexander’s Living Technology

20. Alexander’s Wholeness-Generating Technology

Conclusion: The Inexorable Transformation

Appendix to Chapter 3: The Fraudulent Evolution from Artisan to Industrial | PORTUGUESE

Appendix to Chapter 15: “On exactitude in Science”, by Jorge Luis Borges (not this translation, but a new one specially translated for the book)

At the Congress for the New Urbanism CNU26, Savannah, Georgia, 2018



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