Nikos A. Salingaros

Professor of Mathematics, Architectural Theorist & Urbanist, Consultant on Biophilic Design & Human-scale Urbanism



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Nikos Salingaros
Department of Mathematics,
University of Texas at San Antonio,
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249
E-mail: salingar (at) gmail (dot) com

More than 18 Masters and Doctoral students in Architecture/Urbanism

Contributions to mathematics & physics

Papers on carpets & design

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Tekke Ensi, 19th

Some Notes on Christopher Alexander

-- FINNISH and UKRAINIAN versions

Christopher Alexander's ideas on office environments

The Léon Krier website

The architectural efforts of Charles, the Prince of Wales

Winner of the 2019 Stockholm Cultural Award

Dr. Nikos Salingaros with Dr. Dorpec Kobane after the Stockholm Culture Awards ceremony, 9 March 2019. Dr. Salingaros was presented this year's Architecture Award by Her Royal Highness Princess Marianne Bernadotte. The event took place in the Swedish Palace of Nobility, Stockholm.

Co-winner of the 2018 Clem Labine Traditional Building Award

On the faculty of Building Beauty Master's program

Ranked 11th among "The top 100 urban thinkers of all time" Planetizen 2009 poll, 26th among "The 100 most influential urbanists of all time" 2017 poll.

"One of 50 visionaries who are changing your world" -- Utne Reader

IAAC -- Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

ICAA -- Institute of Classical Architecture and Art

INTBAU ICTP -- International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism

ESRG -- Environmental Structure Research Group


World Architecture Community

"Surely no voice is more thought-provoking than that of this intriguing, perhaps historically important, new thinker?" -- His Royal Highness, Charles, The Prince of Wales, from the Preface to A Theory of Architecture

 "A New Vitruvius for 21st-Century Architecture and Urbanism?" -- Professor Ashraf Salama

"[Nikos Salingaros' books are] three fundamental texts, among the most significant of the past several years" -- Vilma Torselli