F. Alexander Norman     

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Associate Professor of Mathematics                                                          Fall Courses  

    & Assistant Chair                                                            

University of Texas at San Antonio                                                               

Department of Mathematics                                               MAT 3213 – Foundations of Analysis

One UTSA Circle                                                                              MAT 3233 – Modern Algebra                                                                                            

San Antonio, TX  78249                                                                                                                                                                              


Phone: (210) 458-7254                                                                             Math/Teaching Scholarships!!

Fax:     (210) 458-4439

E-mail:   sandy.norman@utsa.edu                                                                             Math Club 


Office:    Flawn Science Building 4.01.10                               Conferences/Colloquia

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Professional Interests                                                                  Mathematics Sites                                                                     

* Psychology of Mathematics and Psycholinguistics                                   

* Learning and Teaching of Calculus and Upper Level Mathematics              PAISANO ON-LINE 

* Geometry, Analytic Number Theory                                                            

* Technology in the Mathematics Classroom                                    San Antonio Virtual & Interactive Geometry Exhibit

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